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Earth Shattering Events (Hardback Book)
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Earth Shattering Events (Hardback Book)Earth Shattering Events (Hardback Book)Earth Shattering Events (Hardback Book)

Earth Shattering Events (Hardback Book)

Earth Shattering Events is a hardback book all about extreme disasters that happen on our home planet. As humans, we take earth for granted, but sometimes nature reminds us that this is an illusion. Tectonics rip open the earth, big waves sweep away coastal towns, magma spews from volcanoes and hurricanes can do great damage to entire countries. This book explores nature at its most destructive. Clear, coherent explanations break down the science behind hurricanes, tornadoes, avalanches, earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanoes, alongside facts about the biggest and the worst.

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Brand:  Thames & Hudson
Author:  Sophie Williams, Robin Jacobs
Size:  240 x 300 x 15.24mm
Pages:  64


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