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Peaceable Kingdom Willy's Wiggly Web
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 Peaceable Kingdom Willy's Wiggly WebPeaceable Kingdom Willy's Wiggly Web 

Peaceable Kingdom Willy's Wiggly Web

Peaceable Kingdom's Willy's Wiggly Web is a brilliant co-operative game, that helps improve skills such as scissor-use, left and right recognition, hand-eye coordination, counting.

The aim of the game is to free the trapped bugs by cutting away at the paper web, without letting Willy the spider drop! This game can be played at three different levels, depending on the players' age: 

At Level 1, ages 3-4, players take turns making 3 cuts at the web, then passing the scissors to the player on the left; at Level 2, ages 4-5, players pick a card and follow its instructions about how many cuts to make, and in which direction to pass the scissors, (maybe players can discuss tactical moves to work together); and at Level 3, ages 5-6, players introduce the Level 3 cards and find themselves swapping seats and doing their own wiggly bug wiggles!

This is a co-operative game, because the players unite against a common obstacle, instead of playing against each other. Players help each other, no one is left out, and everyone wins or loses together -this style of play builds confidence, encourages inclusion, and teaches children how to co-operate.

Game contains: 1 x child safe scissors; 6 x web posts and base; 1 x Willy the Spider; 10 x Wiggly bugs; 30 x cards; 50 x paper webs.



Our Price:  £18.99

Brand:  Peaceable Kingdom
Age:  3 - 5 years
Players:  2 - 5
Packaging:  Box measures 10 5/8" x 10 8/8" x 2 1/8"


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